Short film Cage for a talking parrot


Constant Production  and  Fresh Production Group produced a short film Cage for a talking parrot.

Cage for a talking parrot  –  this is a story of a young man who comes back from the war, but post-traumatic war syndrome does not allow him to return to normal life.

Trailer link

Scriptwriter: Maryna Zhuravska

DirectorIryna Asonova

DOP: Kostiantyn Vorobyov

Art directorYevhen Pitenin

Composer: Bohdan Chernyuk

Cast: Oleg Shcherbina, Alice Guryeva, Viktoriya Moskalenko and Sophia Priyma

Producers: Lev Karpov, Andriy Chernyuk

Genre: psychological drama

Running time: 15’30


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