Short film Apple Garden

Constant Production produced a new short film Apple Garden



Apple Garden – the story of two childhood friends. When they were the children, they played the “war”. Child’s play turned into a harsh reality, and now our heroes are inside the true horrors of the war. But this “game” is not so easy to stop.

Written by: Iryna Asonova, Olha Panko

Directed by: Iryna Asonova

Director of photography: Kostiantyn Vorobyov

Production designer: Yevhen Pitenin

Music by: Bohdan Chernyuk

Makeup artist: Olena Bohomolnikova

Costume designer: Oleksandra Zhuravliova

Sound designer: Oleksiy Myronenko

Graphics by: Mykyta Karpov

Color correction by: Ihor Lytvychenko

Casting director: Viktoriya Moskalenko

FX producer: Vadym Lysak

Executive producer: Anatoliy Sokur

Producers: Lev Karpov, Andriy Chernyuk

Cast: Ihor Pazych, Valeriy Velychko, Ernest Zmutsky, Oleksiy Dziubynsky

Running time: 11′46 





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