Short film Apple Garden

Constant Production produced a new short film Apple Garden



Apple Garden – the story of two childhood friends. When they were the children, they played the “war”. Child’s play turned into a harsh reality, and now our heroes are inside the true horrors of the war. But this “game” is not so easy to stop.

Written by: Iryna Asonova, Olha Panko

Directed by: Iryna Asonova

Director of photography: Kostiantyn Vorobyov

Production designer: Yevhen Pitenin

Music by: Bohdan Chernyuk

Makeup artist: Olena Bohomolnikova

Costume designer: Oleksandra Zhuravliova

Sound designer: Oleksiy Myronenko

Graphics by: Mykyta Karpov

Color correction by: Ihor Lytvychenko

Casting director: Viktoriya Moskalenko

FX producer: Vadym Lysak

Executive producer: Anatoliy Sokur

Producers: Lev Karpov, Andriy Chernyuk

Cast: Ihor Pazych, Valeriy Velychko, Ernest Zmutsky, Oleksiy Dziubynsky

Running time: 11′46 





Short film Cage for a talking parrot


Constant Production  and  Fresh Production Group produced a short film Cage for a talking parrot.

Cage for a talking parrot  –  this is a story of a young man who comes back from the war, but post-traumatic war syndrome does not allow him to return to normal life.

Trailer link

Scriptwriter: Maryna Zhuravska

DirectorIryna Asonova

DOP: Kostiantyn Vorobyov

Art directorYevhen Pitenin

Composer: Bohdan Chernyuk

Cast: Oleg Shcherbina, Alice Guryeva, Viktoriya Moskalenko and Sophia Priyma

Producers: Lev Karpov, Andriy Chernyuk

Genre: psychological drama

Running time: 15’30


Documentary Ukraine – Path to Freedom


Documentary about the events on the Maidan during the Revolution of dignity and subsequent events in Ukraine, during 2013-1015, through the eyes of foreigners. The main character – an American history teacher from Cleveland, who arrived to Ukraine to observe how geopolitical world situation are changing with the events in Ukraine and modern history is created.


Directed by Oles Chernyuk


Documentary “Letters from Maidan”

The documentary premiered exactly six months after the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity.

The documentary premiered exactly six months after the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity.

The film was made by Constant Production (Golden Gate Production Studio) and Fresh Production.

The footage for Letters from Maidan is comprised of videos of the bloodshed on Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity.

Poetry by Tetyana Vlasova, Yevheniya Bilchenko, Andriy Liubka, Olha Kashpor, Oksana Maksymyshyn-Korabel, Anna Bahriana, Larysa Petriv, Olha Kyrylkova, Bohdana Stefura and Myrosla Veresiuk is recited by Vasyl Ilashchuk, Lesia Telniuk, Halyna Telniuk and Nazar Stryhun.

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Directed by Lev Karpov, Oles Cherniuk
Director of photography: Iryna Asonova
Footage by Eduard Georgadze, Alisa Kovalenko, Liubov Durakova, Halyna Lavrinets, Oles Cherniuk
Executive producer: Andriy Cherniuk
General producer: Vasyl Ilashchuk