Cage for the Talking Parrot in Montreal

The Ukrainian short film Cage for the Talking Parrot has been selected for the official program of the Montreal World Film Festival, one of the oldest film festivals and North America’s only one with a competition program accredited by FIAPF as an A-class festival. 

Notably, the festival is among America’s five most prestigious and the world’s ten best-known festivals.

Directed by Iryna Asonova

The film was made by CONSTANT PRODUCTION in partnership with FRESH PRODUCTION GROUP. The State Cinema Agency of Ukraine granted Cage for the Talking Parrot the national status.

The film is being distributed by the French distribution company PREMIUM FILMS. The company is reputed for expertise in international purchase and sale of short films and holds the copyrights of more than 800 titles, including Oscar and Palm d’Or winners.

This year’s Montreal World Film Festival will run from August 24 to September 4.

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About film:


Cage for a talking parrot –  this is a story of a young man who comes back from the war, but post-traumatic war syndrome does not allow him to return to normal life.

Genre: psychological drama

Scriptwriter: Marina Zhuravska

Director: Iryna Asonova

DOP: Kostiantyn Vorobyov

Art director: Yevhen Pitenin

Composer: Bohdan Chernyuk

Cast: Oleg Shcherbina, Alice Guryeva, Victoria Moskalenko and Sophia Priyma

Producers: Lev Karpov, Andriy Chernyuk

Running time: 15’30

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